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Buy AU Property adheres to the governing bodies which regulate Real Estate Law in NSW. All Agents must comply with the Laws governing there State and Territory.

It is important that you do fully understand, Market appraisals and comparative market analysis are not formal property valuations.

An agent appraisal – CMA is an opinion of market value only and cannot be used as or assumed to be a formal valuation.
A formal valuation is a formal assessment of a property’s value as determined by a registered valuer. Formal valuations are generally required by banks, lending institutions, insurance companies and courts, to establish the owner’s borrowing capacity, property equity, insurance coverage and claims potential, and or to settle disputes.
No fee can be charged for this service – ( Comparative market analysis )

Key factors that effect of market value:
Political stability and government policies – Changes in policy, changes in government and the management of state and federal affairs can all affect the stability of the real estate market. Local government policies and management also have a bearing on the popularity of an area and therefore local property prices.

Economic factors – State, national and international economic factors affect consumer spending capabilities and willingness to make property purchasers. These factors include interest rates, oil prices, personal and business taxation, land tax, stamp duty, retail spending, inflation rates, unemployment rates and so on. Changes in the economy can alter the spending habits of consumers seemingly overnight. It is important that you keep yourself updated with what is happening in the economy and what is being said in the media.

Social trends – Social trends and consumer sentiment affect the type and location of properties that are in demand. Factors include increases or decreases in immigration; employment availability and earning capacity; changes in the family dynamics; birth rates; changes in community needs and expectations; and changes in lifestyle trends.

Characteristics and demographics of the local area – This refers to the facilities, attractions, investment potential, employment opportunities, make up of local residents, and owner occupier vs. investor ratios that determines how attractive your area is to potential buyers and investors.

Client Conduct – Buy AU Property
Fiduciary Conduct – The client understands that you are providing confidentiality, and that your conduct is about being able to trust you as the agent: 100% – this is the rapport our agency establishes with the client to be on the same page as they are going forward into an agency agreement.
To act in accordance with client authority – To act for the client you must have a signed agreement to commence placing the property on the market, during the listing process all the necessary details of the agreement must be acknowledged and understood before the client signs the agreement.
Conflicts of interest – You must be clear to the client, that you cannot provide any type of service that violate the real estate laws in NSW, if the client does ask for services you can not provide, the company Across Sydney Real Estate Pty Ltd and its agents have made the client aware of this and that there is no conflict of interest.
Across Sydney Real Estate Pty Ltd and its agents can-not and do-not provide services that violate the real estate laws in NSW.

Section 53 of the trade practices act:

Not to falsely advertise your services and falsely mis-represent the advertising of properties in the NSW Real Estate Market, providing deception, or misleading potential sellers or buyers with incorrect information as to falsely entice there interest to our business.

Residential Tenancy Act: 
Buy AU Property and its agents complies with the rules, laws and regulations of the residential tenancy act NSW. We provide our clients a professional property management service with in the regulations of the NSW Real Estate tenancy laws.

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