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buyauproperty.com.au is a New Real Estate Portal that vendors can advertise there properties for sale or rent with ease.

Our website allows you to upload your listing, Find a Real Estate Agent and advertise to Buyers and Renters.

We offer the Best opportunity to upload your listing, liaison with your agent and accept buyer offers for your property quickly and conveniently.

From the one portal, Sellers, Agents, Buyers and Renters can communicate effectively and respond to each other with out all the un-necessary footwork.

Once you listing is uploaded

Buyer's and Renters can create there account and make Offer's and Enquiries from your listing page, an email is forwarded to the Seller and Agent, Placing you in the position to go to the next step in the sales process.

Buyers and Renters

can use search the bar on the home page to locate the properties in the area they are looking for, toggle the price bar and view the properties in there price range.  Our Map Searches are extensive and you can zoom the maps for viewing the locations and see what other properties are close by for you to choose and compare.

Agents and Agencies

Agents and Agencies have the ability to start an account on our website, up-load your information and keep track of your listings and messages via your account. 

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