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Your Account Admin

A exceptional account administration keeps track of all your real estate footwork.

Once your listing is published and live, your account admin is there to help you communicate with all potential leads and messages.

You have professional administrator Board, which helps you store, log, check your leads and activities for all your listings.

Your administration account has a Board of activities, deals, leads and enquiries, keeping up to date with all incoming information relating to your listing, as well as analytics and Filters.

If you are a owner or agent, you can manage your account admin as if you were a professional investor. Making sales and rental listings easy for you to manage like a Pro.

Once live, your account has multiple functions to help you manage all of your messages and leads.

Your admin section is a fully functional back end, to use as a tool for the benefit of leasing with potential sellers, buyers and renters and how effectively you can facilitate your admin into a successful listing campaign. 

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