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Our Privacy Policy:

Buy AU Property complies with the privacy laws ( Privacy Act ) in NSW.

The use of the information we collect from our website may only be used for the purpose it was intended,
In accordance with the privacy act as stated above .Your personal information is not used for any other purpose.
( Privacy Act ) NSW.
Our business will protect your information to the best of our ability as a secure portal.
From,un-authorised access or hackers. Internet activity is global and therefore sometimes volatile. We can not guarentee to be, totaly secure of un-authoized intrusions. Personel information is collected by our website for the intentions of provideing our services. Only minimal personal information (Name, Address,Phone no and Email) are collected through our website.
Our company Across Sydney Real Estate Pty Ltd does not provide information to third parties, such as list providers and other marketing businesses or associated marketing outlets.


Cookies imprints electronic data, this relates to a users computer.
A web site may track user access sessions, using cookies without your specific knowledge or participation by automated means whilst logged on to our website. Cookies are a web browser technology that is used to improve your experience of using this Web site, but are not used to record any personal information. You may disable cookies in your Web browser at the cost of some loss of functionality whilst useing our website.
Our website collects information through forms, your information is used only for contact purposes and to help our 
team understand the customers needs.This information is processed by our office for this purpose only.
Once your contact details are received, our office will store your information on a secure data base which is not conected to the Across Sydney Real Estate web site. If you use another computer other than your own, please refresh the pages when you have finished your enquiry to us, there will not be any information left behind once the pages are refreshed. 

The client can collect the information placed on this website from us at any time, by visiting our office and providing your appropriate identification. 

Please understand when you use this website you agree to our privacy policy and accept that our business Buy AU Property will use your information for the purpose intended only. We take no responsability for information provided to other outlets – List providers or marketing companies. We believe in full, that users of our website fully understand this and use our website in accordance with our terms of use Buy AU Property serves the right to up-date, change or edit our website at any time and beleive the information provided at the time is in accordance with the Real Estate laws of NSW

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