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Listing your property for Sale or for Rent can be created by the Owner Of the property, its a very easy upload capability and you can scroll through the various input fields needed to create the perfect listing got your property.
Once you have input all the correct information and Photos , it’s very easy for you to publish your property live on the Buy Website. From your account you can choose the status of the Property and choose, if you would like it to be listed as a featured property on the Home Page.
Once live, your account has multiple functions to help you manage all of your messages and leads.
Search for the Agent who would best be suited to assist you with your property from the Agent Search and message them directly with the type of appointment you would like to make.

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Enter all of your details and upload your photos.

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Highlight all the relevant details in your property description .

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All all furnishings and appliances or other additional

property details that will attract buyers.

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